Find Your North Star

Relationships are like constellations: we know what they look like because we can connect the dots. Constellations require social agreements. Too often we get caught in the trap of making our relationship function the way society says it should. This article explores the authors personal development. She has found a way to find her inner … More Find Your North Star

Finding Your Passion and Following Through

An important aspect of therapy is having clearly defined therapy goals.  The more clear your goals are the more likely you are to achieve them.  It’s important to conceptualize goals in terms of what you will be doing/saying/experiencing as well as what you will not be doing/saying/experiencing. This article guides you through a new, fun, … More Finding Your Passion and Following Through


Communication tends to be one of the primary ways couples experience disconnection and distress and find themselves sitting in a therapy office.  Moving from ‘Anti- Communication’ styles to ‘Pro-Communication’ styles is often a matter of attitude and effort.  This article demonstrates conversations that bring connection while reducing conflict.  The effort involved in talking through anticipated … More Pro-Communication