Timothy Skipworth



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Parent/Child Relationships


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Life Transitions

Relational Distress

More About me

As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I work from a systems perspective. With this approach, I place an emphasis on relationships (familial, romantic, or otherwise) and I’m interested in how different parts of the “system” influence each other. No one wakes up in the morning and says “How can I hurt my partner/family member today?” Often times, we simply find ourselves in patterns that we don’t want to be in anymore and haven’t figured out how to change them. Therapy can be a great place for people to remember the humanity in each other and in themselves. In my work with individuals, I do not have multiple perceptions before me, but I am always interested in how each client interacts with others and the world around them.

In my time as a therapist, I have worked with folks from various backgrounds, including different racial and ethnic identities, sexual orientations, religions or other forms of spirituality, relationship styles (monogamous, poly, open), and socio-economic statuses. I have found that I especially enjoy working with adults and adolescents. My approach to therapy is collaborative; I believe normality is a myth and that my clients are the experts on their lives. My main goal is that the people I work with are happy, healthy, and safe. What this looks like may not be the same for every individual, couple, or family I work with. My life has been informed by my identities, such as being a white, straight, cis gendered, husband, father, brother, son, and therapist. I am continuously working toward recognizing my privilege and understanding how that plays a role in my work.