Jennifer Goldsmith, LMFT, MA

Jennifer Goldsmith

LMFTA, M.A., Marriage and Family Therapist


Areas of Experience

Adults and teens, couples


Pregnancy, prenatal, postpartum

Sex therapy

More About Me

 I strive to create a welcoming, safe, and non-judgmental space, where clients feel free to show up as their authentic selves to explore beliefs and patterns of behavior that are causing personal and relational strife. With kindness, compassion, and playfulness, I collaborate with clients to create more peace and contentment in their lives, while supporting them in overcoming negative emotions and shame. 

I approach therapy from a relational lens, emphasizing the connection of trust that is created between therapist and client(s) as well as attending to the relational contexts that make up clients’ lived experiences. In my work, I help clients attune to the inherent wisdom and strengths that they bring to therapy, which support their growth and capacity for healing.

In therapy, I incorporate Attachment Theory, which considers how early experiences with parents and/or caregivers shape the way individuals feel about themselves, form relationships, and handle conflict. My therapeutic approach is informed by Emotionally-focused Therapy (EFT), Internal Family Systems (IFS), and Gottman Couple Therapy, according to her clients’ needs and goals.

I identify as white, cis-gender, heterosexual, and middle-class. I also identify as a spiritual person. I have the lived experience of a long-term chronic illness. My interests include hiking, film, photography, playing the piano, cooking, and laughing heartily with loved ones.