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Peter Shipley

M.A. Couple and Family Therapy, Trainee Therapist


Area of Experience

Behavior Analysis

Autism Spectrum


Family Therapy

Strengths-Based Models

Parent Training



More About me

I have worked with people on the autism spectrum as a behavior analyst for the past 7 years. I am currently pursuing my degree in couples and family therapy so that I can expand my work beyond the behavioral and incorporate theories that address the inner workings of our minds. 

I have personal experience with anxiety, depression, bipolar, OCD, the use of psychotropic medication, and divorce. I have grown into the therapist I am today by combining the knowledge I have gained through my own experience with the education I have received through my schooling.

I am grateful for the opportunity to help others move through the challenges of life. I employ a stance of collaboration and validation, one that finds strengths and emphasizes the positive aspects of client’s lives. I believe in the transformative power of understanding through psychoeducation, accessing emotions through emotional focused therapy, connecting thinking patterns to emotional reactions through cognitive behavioral therapy, finding peace in the moment through meditation, and understanding the greater system and its impacts on us all through systems theory, narrative therapy, and aspects of structural therapy. 

I aim to create a welcoming environment for all and present my authentic self. Human connection is vital to our survival and happiness and a strong client-therapist relationship is essential in the process of creating positive change. I aim to have an open awareness of my limitations and bring vulnerability to my sessions so that true connection and collaboration can be possible.